Since every treat is custom designed, pricing varies based on several factors such as size and complexity of design. Please note that a 50% deposit is required to book your date (the remainder is due two weeks prior to the event).



$6-$15 per serving based on design

Minimum order $200

You can choose between a fondant or buttercream finish. Fondant cakes have a higher cost but provide a more polished look and greater design possibilities

You can also choose between fresh flowers or hand-crafted sugar flowers. Again since sugar flowers require time and skill to create they will have a greater cost than fresh flowers but also have the advantage that they will never wilt and are not subject to seasonality!

If you send me your ideas/inspiration and event size I can put together an estimate for you! (see contact page for more info) A final quote will be provided once your design is finalized



Designs start at $4 per cookie but generally range from $5.00-$7.00 per cookie

Individual packaging in a clear resealable bag with a Rain Bake Shop sticker is included, for a clear bag tied with ribbon +$0.25 ea

There is a minimum order of two dozen cookies with a minimum of one dozen per design (designs under the one dozen minimum would require an up-charge of $1.00 per cookie under the minimum)